CloudCannon Limited

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Introducing the Business:

CloudCannon was founded in 2013 here in Dunedin, New Zealand. Mike & George met at Bayfield High School, and both studied Computer Science at The University of Otago.They decided to create their own CMS that embraced giving developers complete control over their source code while empowering non-technical people to create and update content. It's the perfect solution for digital companies that want a hassle-free, enjoyable, and efficient website experience!

What the Business needs:

Intern Web Developer - This role is now filled

Calling all aspiring developers! We're aiming to create an environment where web developers and content creators can effortlessly bring their ideas to life without worrying about complex technical details. This is your chance to showcase your creativity and technical skills as you collaborate with our dynamic team. You’ll work on new templates for our users, enabling more people to build on the web


Marketing Intern - This role is now filled


We are looking for a passionate marketing intern to join our marketing team. The ideal candidate will have the opportunity to work collaboratively across marketing activities such as, social media content, SEO and landing page creation, blog content and campaign reporting.



Design Intern - This role is now filled

We are seeking a UX UI Designer to join our Enterprise teams. The ideal candidate will have a passion for designing intuitive and engaging user experiences and interfaces. As a junior UX UI Designer, you will collaborate with cross-functional teams to create visually appealing and user-friendly products that solve complex problems.