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OCHO Otago Chocolate Company

Otago Chocolate Company is an ethical chocolate factory. 

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Winely Ltd

Winely provides cutting-edge real-time fermentation analysis solutions to winemakers. Our product suite includes advanced sensors and software that eliminates the need for manual sampling, revolutionizing the winemaking process. We offer our technology on a leasing model during the vintage period and currently serve some of the largest wineries in New Zealand, Australia, and California. While our focus remains on these established markets, we are open to exploring opportunities in Italy and France, leveraging our proof points and connections within these regions.Our mission is to do away with traditional sensors, they are archaic, lacks conformity, degrade over time and require regular calibration and manipulation. We do away with this by providing the future of sensing utilising hyper-granular, broadspectrum sensing, and machine learning.

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