JobDUN is a proven way for Dunedin businesses to find skilled students. 

We support businesses to attract talented interns to grow exceptional Dunedin companies.


“Hiring is a difficult task. Having all the work of interviewing done for you is a great time saver. Worthy candidates are lining up for jobs and it’s up to you to make a well scoped project.”

George Phillips, CloudCannon


Dunedin business people talk about JobDUN


HeadQuarters Hairdressing Group manage all aspects of the haircare experience for businesses and customers. JobDUN introduced HeadQuarters to skilled students who helped them adapt and grow their business.


Igtimi provide software and hardware solutions for high performance water sports. Their JobDUN interns have brought fresh insights and the latest ideas to the business.

Blue Oyster

Blue Oyster Art Project Space enables emerging artists to work in an innovative and experimental environment. They partnered with JobDUN to access some exciting international talent.


Firebrand are big fans of giving back and have great love for our local Dunedin community. As a marketing and digital transformation agency, they start, build and grow New Zealand business - but with attitude! Firebrand partner with JobDUN to provide summer internships to local Dunedin youth.

Platinum Recruitment

Platinum Recruitment provides a national reach, offering bespoke permanent, contract, and temporary recruitment solutions throughout New Zealand.


AbacusBio are international leaders in the application of science and technology in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture. We combine science and business expertise to grow our clients’ revenue and profit.

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JobDUN News

The 2023/24 season has now closed for applications. We plan to open the 2024/25 season to Dunedin businesses in June 2024.

Business people - If you have questions about JobDUN please get intouch with Chanel O'Brien [email protected]




100% of businesses surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with JobDUN

1 in 2 JobDUN interns are offered a job after their internship

Up to 48 interns placed each season