JobDUN is a proven way for Dunedin businesses to find skilled students. 

We support businesses to attract talented interns to grow exceptional Dunedin companies.


“Hiring is a difficult task. Having all the work of interviewing done for you is a great time saver. Worthy candidates are lining up for jobs and it’s up to you to make a well scoped project.”

George Phillips, CloudCannon


“The speed interview events are a great way to meet candidates quickly, and reduce the overheads in finding quality interns. Having (intern) available to help produce content and implement parts of our marketing strategy has enabled us to achieve several goals that were not being met due to lack of time and resource.”

Mark Butler, Tussock Innovation

Info for Businesses

If you have any questions about the programme please contact Chanel O'Brien on 474 3736. We are now at capacity for the Speed Interview Event. If you want to go on a waiting list please let me know.

The beauty of JobDUN is that you decide how you run the internship, what you pay your intern, and how you measure success.

You can find an intern through your own networks and can also attend a ‘Speed Interview’ event to meet potential interns face to face. You decide whether they’re a good fit for your business. 

JobDUN News

If you are a student, August is the time to prepare to meet businesses, to read the Guidelines and to check the Whose Looking section to see what internships are available. Please keep checking as more opportunities will be posted in coming weeks.

You will be able to register and make a booking with a business from mid-August. Be prepared to meet businesses in person at the Speed Interview event at Otago Polytechnic on 18 September 2019.

100% of businesses surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with JobDUN

1 in 2 JobDUN interns are offered a job after their internship

Up to 48 interns placed each season