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Audit Professionals Limited

Professional auditing firm - Specialists in financial audits of smaller entities. Our target markets are all entities that requires an audit or other assurance services except for listed entities.

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Football South

Football South are the southern-most of seven Federations of Football in New Zealand.

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Iris Data Science (Exigo Ltd)

Iris Data Science is a data science business, leveraging machine learning, 'Big Data' and the power of predictive analytics.

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Meltwater (A G Consulting LTD)

AG Consulting Ltd provide Media Analyst services for Meltwater, a software company providing Outside Insights through monitoring editorial and social media along with big data analytics through NLP and AI.

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new zealand heritage properties

New Zealand Heritage Properties Ltd

New Zealand Heritage is primarily an archaeological and heritage consultancy firm involved in the management of cultural and heritage resources.

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Presbyterian Support Otago

We are a social service agency and large provided of aged care in Otago, so support a wide group in the community

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Tuapeka Gold Print Ltd

Tuapeka Gold Print (TGP) is the largest supplier of wholesale promotional products based in New Zealand and distribute our comprehensive range of items through our network of valued distributor partners both here and in Australia.

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