The Tarn Group

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Introducing the Business:

At The Tarn Group, we craft elegant digital solutions that enhance the relationship between subject matter experts and their learners. Our solutions are providing our clients with efficient ways to share their knowledge that engages their learner.

What the Business needs:

Creative Writing Intern:

Creative Writer Words and phrasing are pretty amazing parts of our language. Putting them together in an intelligible way takes competence. Putting them together in an understandable way that teaches the reader something or effectively gets the point across takes finesse. Creative Writers have finesse. From general formatting correspondence to creative online course development, we always need creative writing finesse. Necessary Skill Sets: · Proficient use of computers (preferably both Windows and Mac) · Ability to translate boring text into engaging paragraphs · An intelligent and easy to understand style of writing is necessary · Prior experience in Creative Writing is preferred, but not required · Being a quick learner will earn you extra points Creative writing is a skill set that comes naturally to some lucky people. We like those people. We like those people a lot. Are you one of them? If you think so, come and see us.