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Introducing the Business:

Next Farm is developing an environmentally-responsive control system to allow the exact amount of water to be applied in the exact place exactly when it’s needed. Having been founded in 2016 out of our own on-farm frustrations with the inefficiencies of existing water management tools we knew there had to be a better way. Next Farm’s Remote Irrigation Mesh control system, RIM, will take data from a variety of on-farm sensors to action the necessary control, helping farmers to minimise their inputs while maximising their outputs. Next Farm’s effluent fail-safe device, EffluTrack, gives farmers the remote control of their effluent application and the peace of mind that it is being applied within their compliance requirements.

What the Business needs:

Product Scoping/Business Development Intern

Next Farm Limited is developing a suite of AgriTech products for the global marketplace. Currently, there are two products in the Next Farm suite and an opportunity in the market has been identified to add an additional IoT product. This product will allow for the remote monitoring and control of K-line irrigation systems. Having remote monitoring and control capabilities allows farmers to use their resources more efficiently while also meeting environmental regulations. The student will play a crucial role in the market research and scoping product design getting hands-on experience through the whole process. They will research the problem area identifying customer needs and competition. From this, they will determine the best solution in the existing market environment and begin scoping a product spec sheet.


Software Development Intern

Next farm has identified areas in which software could be implemented to enhance the demo-ing of the product at trade shows and events. This would involve creating a demo of our RIM control software on our website with a map overlay for potential customers to experiment with.


App Development Intern

Develop an installation app for RIM. This app will have a barcode reading application which also records GPS coordinates with the ability to export data files and will streamline the installation process, thus adding incredible value to Next Farm's offerings.

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Sammi Stewart


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