Step 3: Speed Interview Event – meet Dunedin Businesses

Speed Interview Event

This year's Speed Interview event will be held on Wednesday 18 September 2019 at Otago Polytechnic.

The Speed Interview event is a simple way for students to meet business people face-to-face to see if your skills match their business needs. You will make appointments online to meet with business people at the event for four-minute interviews. This is an opportunity to get some valuable work experience - your goal is to get a second appointment with a potential employer.

Come prepared to impress employers. You can view the businesses who are attending the event under Who's Looking. Business people don't appreciate time wasters, as their time is valuable. Please book interviews only with businesses where there is a good chance that your skills will match their needs. Choose carefully and limit your interview appointments to four businesses in total.


Wednesday 18 September 2019



Otago Polytechnic, H Block, corner of Union and Forth Street



•           5.00pm – 5.30pm           Space open to students

Students arrive and are welcomed by staff from the Otago Polytechnic and the University of Otago

•           5.30pm – 6.00pm

1-minute introduction by businesses - this is a great opportunity to learn more about the businesses

•           6.00pm – 7.00pm

4-minute interviews with 1-minute transition

•           7.00pm – 7.15pm

Break for food         

•           7.15pm – 8.00pm

Interviews recommence

•           8.00pm            

Interviews conclude


What to expect

  • A buzzer will sound at the start of interviews at 6pm
  • You will have four minutes with each business from 6pm
  • A buzzer will sound at the end of each interview. You have one minute to get to and commence your next interview. 
  • The media may be at the event and may ask people for a comment. 
  • Business people will contact you if they want to discuss an internship opportunity with you further.
  • The media may be at the event and may ask people for a comment. 

For questions about the event, please email:

Patricia Quensell at [email protected]


How to prepare

  • Get a LinkedIn profile.
  • Research the businesses that you're interested in.
  • Bring a one page overview of your skills, talents and contact details – attach a photo.
  • Be prepared to talk about what you can offer and why you want to work for their business.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself!