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The business can provide the financial, social, and HR support of an intern.*

Do you have a policy on preventing harassment and bullying in the workplace?*

Do you have a procedure for resolving complaints?*

The business will consider offering the intern/s employment post internship if appropriate.*

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The business is GST registered.*

The business is located within Dunedin city boundaries.*

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Please briefly describe what your business does and your target markets.* (Max 200words)

Internship Opportunity - What does your business need?

Please describe the internship role/s that your business needs – you can apply for up to three roles. These roles will be featured on the JobDUN website so that students understand what your business needs are.

Role Title and Description

Role Title and Description

Role Title and Description

How do you want to find Interns?

Through my own contacts and networks.*

By attending the JobDUN Speed Interview Event.*

Students will make online appointment bookings for interview streams at the Speed Interview event. You may have one or more staff at each interview stream. Please confirm the number of interview streams you would like. For example, if you are seeking one intern for a marketing role and another for a research role, you may wish to run two separate interview streams by specialist staff members*.

Through direct contact with tertiary education providers.*

How would you like to be contacted by an intern?*

If you choose an international student a work visa may be required.

Please see:

General Information

I understand that the JobDUN grant covers intern remuneration costs only.*

Is this application in any way confidential.*

I understand that applications lodged with the Dunedin City Council can be requested by any person under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987. Council is obligated to make available the information requested unless there is a ground under the Act, which justifies withholding it.*

The information contained in this application is true and correct and there has been no omission of any relevant fact nor any misrepresentation made.*

I/we have read the guidelines which outlines the procedures, terms, conditions and criteria and I/we understand and agree to these.*