TracPlus Global Limited

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Introducing the Business:

TracPlus is a real-time global communication and tracking system which can literally assist in saving lives. The system uses the latest satellite, web and mobile technology to track vehicles, planes, ships, people and more providing secure global tracking information, visible on a range of user devices, to private, business, military and government customers worldwide. We are a small team who like to roll up their sleeves to make good stuff happen.

What the Business needs:

Full Stack Developers and Support Roles
We have a few key projects for which we will appoint the best-qualified students to work alongside the TrcaPlus team involving: Web development Hardware and software development Android, IoS, SQL, AWS, GC and Azure GPS and radio detection/tracking Physics/engineering Webapps Back office and finance processes

For more information about this Business, please contact:

Office Address:

Level 4, 1 Bond Street 


Preferred Contact Information:

Oliver Smith
021 338 375 
[email protected]

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