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Introducing the Business:

AbacusBio are international leaders in the application of science and technology in agriculture, horticulture/ forestry and aquaculture. With offices located in Dunedin and Rotorua, New Zealand and Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, our consultants and business managers work globally on industry-leading initiatives across the primary food supply chain. We work across a wide range of scientific and business advisory areas, on both a project-to-project basis and on the provision of long-term product-based solutions to clients. AbacusBio also evaluates and develops new businesses, using in-house knowledge, expertise and experience in the agricultural and horticultural/ forestry and aquaculture sectors. We pride ourselves on our world class reputation, skills and resources. AbacusBio is a vibrant business with an informal atmosphere, and we actively seek to progress the careers of our people through both internal and external training opportunities.


What the Business needs:

Web Developer for Project:

"Web app for tenant adjustment post-deployment" - The intern will experience hands-on web development, but also offer new perspectives, methods and features. As experience has taught us, a fresh set of eyes and ideas offers overarching benefits to the growth of software and client experiences. Their role will be to create internal database tools to allow the Development team to more easily make changes and adjustments to tenants as needed.

Research Assistant for Project:

"Methane mitigation candidates for application in ruminants" - The intern will undertake a review of the technical (& patent) literature, and the analysis of data relating to rumen dynamics and the anti-methanogen activity.

Shiny App Developer:

The intern will write unit/integration/system testing codes, integrate these codes into the app pipeline and GitHub alongside the current development team. This will also include documenting key analysis, communicating with developers on requirements of testing and explaining testing codes as they are developed. 

For more information about this Business, please contact:

Office Address:

 442A Moray Place

Dunedin Central

Dunedin 9016

Preferred Contact Information:

Hannah Farr

[email protected] 

*AbacusBio Internship offers have now been filled.

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